Hoedspruit Region

Not only is Hoedspruit the home base of Sable Tours, but it is the HEART of the Lowveld, the central point through which all trips into, out of, or through the Lowveld meet.

Hoedspruit is a small little town, situated in the middle of both agricultural and conservation orientated lands and it looks out in awe towards the Majestic Drakensberg Mountains and the mouth of the Blyde River Canyon, while the vast African landscapes, teeming with wildlife, stretch endlessly behind it.

With the variation in landscape surrounding this town, the Hoedspruit region is able to offer a vast and diverse range of activities and adventures for the more quieter soul to the extreme adventure junkie.

The ethos of Hoedspruit is designed around an outdoor experience getting one closer with one’s self, your environment and the many unique and interesting creatures that we co-exist with. Hoedspruit is home to a number of animal breeding and research centers that all offer informative educational and interactive experiences and expose you a little deeper into the world of conservation and animal management. These shining examples of conservation and commitment are situated in a region with incomparable vista’s. The dynamic and ever changing African Bushveld with its characteristic thorn trees, open savannahs, and Mopane Clusters to the diverse mountainous landscape of the Drakensberg escarpment and the Blyde River Canyon – the third largest canyon in the world and the greenest canyon in the world. From this unique and rugged landscape, stem a host of adventure activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, hot air ballooning, abseiling, hiking trails, horse trail safari’s, elephant back safari’s, walking trails and much much more.

Using all these exciting resources, Sable Tours is able to put together for you, an excursion and adventure to suite your every taste. Below is an alphabetical list of some of the more popular and common activities enjoyed in the Hoedspruit Region.

Boat Trip on the Blyde Dam

The Blyde Dam is one of the most successful dams in the country due to its relatively small surface area, yet exectional depth. Built into the mouth of the Blyde River Canyon, and thus surrounded by the Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve, the dam is home to a vide variety of animals and more specifically, is teaming with hippos and crocs. No swimming, or private boating activities are allowed on the dam and thus the only way to truly experience the peace and quite and the incredible beauty, is via one of the 3 pre-set boat trips held daily. The boat will take you up the river mouth to the Tufa Waterfall – one of the largest living Tufa’s in the world today, and will also show you the many wondrous geological phenomenon within the canyon and the dam’s vicinity.

Bombyx Mori Silk Factory and cotton Club Café

Bombyx Mori Silk Factory is the home of a unique range of products produced on site in Hoedspruit. They have two ranges, the first being a range of silk home accessories, the main being silk duvet inners and silk pillows. In addition to this they have created a unique range of cosmetics called SilkSA that combines ancient secretes using silk proteins to moisturize and refine the skin. SilkSa are currently experimenting with joining this ancient wisdom with that of local healers to produce a product of superior quality and all locally produced.

Elephant Back Safari’s

An elephant is a magical creature and interacting with them in such close proximity will change your life forever. To experience the excitement of seeing Big 5 game from the back of the creature who truly rules the wilderness is an adventure and an experience that cannot be missed and can only be rated as one of life’s truly great moments.


Daktari is one of the newer rehabilitation centres in the region, where injured animals are nursed back to health before being released back into the wild. The unique aspect of Daktari is that all of this is done in conjunction with the education of Underprivileged, orphaned, or physically and mentally challenged children, who are given the experience of nursing these animals back to health, which in turn does wonders for their own healing. Daktari is also open to the general public for day visits and experiences in the healing process.

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

HESC – formally known as the Kapama Cheetah Breeding Project, as the name mentions, was initiatlly set up purely as a cheetah breeding centre with its focus being on the release of these animals in the wild wherever possible. Over the years, and due to their success with the cheetah, they have expanded into a wide range of other endangered species such as the Wild Dog, the Ground Hornbill, Blue Cranes, Sable Antelope and much much more.

Horse Trail Safari’s

There are a number of horse trial safari operators in the region that offer you the experience of a horse riding adventure with the added option of seeing general game on horseback. These safaris are not operated in Big 5 territory although there is an option to do this for very experienced riders. Seeing animals from horseback is a very unique and special experience.

Hot Air Balloon Safari’s

One has never truly experienced the pleasures of flight until you have been able to do so in an hot air balloon. To sail along with the wind, with the peace and quite of the air around you and no other sound apart from the occasional blast from the hot air flames, you can truly get lost in the environment around you. Launching and landing sites, and the areas over which you fly are totally dependant on the current wind conditions, however, on most trips it is very possible to see a wide range of animals from giraffe, to elephants to zebra’s and anything else that you may spy from your aerial loft as you float gently on the wind.

Khamai Reptile Park

After seeing so many fury, fluffy and legged creatures, a visit is never complete with a visit to the local reptile park. Here you will be exposed to the amazing world of the cold blooded creatures and learn about the fascinating lives as well as their very vital role within our environment – definitely worth a visit.

Mafunyane Tribal Village

The Mafunyane Tribal Village and a must on the visitor’s calendar. It is a 100% authentic Shangaan village replicated to resemble the homestead of a clan from the previous century. It will open your eyes to the wonders of tribal living and the traditions of the Shangaan people – natural conservationists and trackers extraordinaire You can either enjoy a tour of the village together with an introduction into their customs and beliefs, or you can conclude this with an evening of tribal dancing and a traditional dinner made from traditional Shangaan dishes – a truly remarkable experience and a must on any safari.

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Moholoholo is one of the first rehabilitation centres established in the Lowveld. It originally focused only Raptors’ such as eagles, vultures etc however, due to their success over they years, they have now expanded to include a wide range of other animals such as leopards, wild dogs, honeybadgers, serval, lions and much much more. A visit to Moholoholo will help you get close and personal with the many animals you may see on your safaris and teach you a little bit more about their inner lives and activities.

White Water Rafting

The diversity of the rivers in the Lowveld are able to offer a range of rafting adventures, from the more voluminous and wider waters of the Olifants River, that offer the excitement of challenging roller coaster waves and rapids in either two man “crocs” or 8 man rafts, or the narrower, rockier and more technical waters of the Upper Blyde with its twists and turns and large number of rapids and falls that can only be mastered in two man croc’s to the far more gentler and less challenging waters of the lower blyde for thus too unnerved to tackle the others but still wanting an introduction to a day on the water. White Water Rafting is an adventure that everyone has to do at least once in their lifetime – something never to be forgotten.

Additional Adventure Activities

There are a vast number of additional adventure activities that can be offered, from abseiling to kloofing (canyoning) to paint ball, quad bike rides, dirt car rides, zip lines etc etc. Just let us know your adrenaline requirements and we will assist in creating a day of fun, fear or fantasy